About us

Vision Theatrical Foundation, Inc. was incorporated in the State of Nevada in 2001 as a non-profit, 501c3 community-based organization.  The Foundation is committed to providing youth in High Schools and Juvenile Detention Facilities a way to ask questions and get answers about the daily challenges they face.  Using performance-based educational theatre, no subject is off limits.  There is no program like it. 

TOE TAG MONOLOGUES, written for Vision Theatrical Foundation by R. Byron Stringer, present real life and death situations that our children face daily, such as; school violence, drug abuse, teen pregnancy, drunk driving, gang violence, teen suicide, bullying, snitching, teen prostitution, domestic violence, self esteem and the result of making bad personal choices.

TOE TAG MONOLOGUES have been performed before tens of thousands of youth on stages in high schools, detention facilities, Boys and Girls Clubs, Community Centers and Churches where teens talk to teens, peer to peer, without the pressure.  The results are lives saved, lives changed; future parents, neighbors, community leaders, employees and friends with greater Character, who are Confident, Courageous and Committed to themselves, their families and communities.


Byron StringerRetired from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department with over 26 years of distinguished service as an Officer, R. Byron Stringer has been a trusted mentor to youth for over 3 generations.  As a young man, Byron comforted his mother when his younger brother was the victim in a double homicide.  As a Police Officer and first responder, he has witnessed the devastation that drugs, alcohol, violence, and bad personal choices, take on our youth and our communities.  Professionally Mr. Stringer believed that “policing is not just putting the bad guys in jail; rather it is keeping the good guys from becoming the bad guys.”   Personally, his vision was to make that happen.

Over 10 years ago Byron founded Vision Theatrical Foundation, a non-profit organization committed to giving a stage to the voices of our children.  As an author, his TOE TAG MONOLOGUES,   have been performed in High Schools, Juvenile Detention Center, Boys and Girls Clubs, Churches and Community Forums and have impacted the lives of tens of thousands of youth and their families.