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On behalf of Vision Theatrical Foundation, we thank our Partners and Supporters for their service in behalf of our youth and for their Written Applause below, however the applause that truly makes the difference in all our lives, comes from what our audiences have told us, the voices of our children; “Toe Tag Monologues changed my life”, “Toe Tag Monologues SAVED my life”

“The Clark County School District is encouraged by the response we have received from the students, teachers and parents who have witnessed Vision Theatrical Foundation’s production of Toe Tag Monologues.  We look forward to continuing to bring the powerful messages of Toe Tag Monologues to as many high school students as possible.”
Dr, Greta Peay, Director
Equity Diversity Education Department
Clark County School District

“The Las Vegas Municipal Court’s Youth Court has witnessed the sincere response by our participants to the power messages delivered through Vision Theatrical Foundation’s Toe Tag Monologues.”
Judge Cedric Kerns
Department 5   
Las Vegas Municipal Court

“I saw a presentation of Toe Tag Monologues.  The impact of that presentation was powerful.  The message was clear and the impact was felt.  I believe that every high school should experience that presentation.  Children are dying every day and we have to reach them before it is too late.”
Rod Jett, Undersheriff  
Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

“I have been honored to know and work with you (R. Byron Stringer) for the past 15-20 years.  Your work with 100 Committed Men, your tenure as a DARE Officer, your mentoring and serving as a father figure for individual young men with fathers, and your talent of writing and producing plays designed to reach out to troubled youth are all examples of your extraordinary commitment to making a difference in a child’s life.”
Jerry Keller, Sheriff Retired
Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

The important lessons taught in Toe Tag Monologues will benefit our most valued commodity, our children.  Toe Tags is a program that is needed throughout our nation.  Please join me in supporting R. Byron Stringer and Toe Tag Monologues.”
Steven A. Horsford, United States Senator         

“What separates Toe Tag Monologues from anything I have seen previously was the presentation by the young people who were in custody.  Those who were given this assignment wholeheartedly embraced it…I was very impressed with the courage that each of these young people displayed by standing in front of their peers being a part of this worthwhile presentation.”
P. Michael Murphy, D.B.A.
Clark County Coroner